The Interaction of Color in the Context of Electronic Media: Providing a New Platform for Exploratory Learning in the Additive Color Space
The Ohio State University
June 2012

This research is constructed around leveraging applied, professional art practices coupled with emerging technologies to expand the educational experience in the Design classroom. By extending the classic theories of teaching Color Theory, rooted from the Bauhaus School, into a digital and interactive space, students are likely to have a better understanding and appreciation for the interaction of color in the digital space.



Immersive Learning: Developing an Interactive Touch Screen Learning Module for Children with Autism
The Ohio State University
September 2011

Our project goal was to develop an interactive application that enabled autistic children to practice communication and social interaction. Our interdisciplinary team of graduate students developed a touch screen application that facilitated the learning of word and picture associations. This paper will outline the interdisciplinary process utilized in the creation of this application and the rationale supporting its development. Key to the success of this application was the collaborative make-up of the design team, the duration of our experience, and the collaboration with software engineers, therapists, and autism researchers.



Library Research: The Process Book
The Ohio State University
December 2009

A research project surrounding the current and future uses of academic library spaces. Conducted under the direction of Professor Heike Goeller.

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