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Environmental Therapy

Environmental Therapy

Current Problem:

An estimated 27.2 million Americans live alone. Living alone and working long days takes a toll on any person, young or old. In most climates, temperatures drastically change from sunrise to sunset. Getting a consistent and optimal temperature in your home can be challenging if you aren’t home throughout the day to make periodic adjustments and if you don’t own a digital thermostat.

A person’s overall wellness is greatly influenced by the environment they surround themselves with. A series of stressful events can diminish your physical and emotional state quickly, possibly preventing you from being productive in the evening when you return home or even worse ruining your day.

Furthermore, there are 70% of people in the United States over the age of 70 live in assisted living facilities. A considerate amount of these people are placed in a facility simply due to lack of their ability to live comfortably and safely on their own. Paying for long-term care out of your personal income and resources can be challenging. Even if you have a modest need for assistance at home with personal care, say a visit from a home health aide 3 times a week, based on 2008 average costs, you would have to pay about $18,000 a year for those services.

Additionally, 1 out of every 5 Americans lives with a disability. Many people with mild disabilities live with constant strains on their personal wellness achievement.


A simple, efficient and affordable automated device can be placed in a room, or multiple rooms that can be programmed to activate different personalized controls the influence the way a personal space makes a person feel, mentally and physically. Alleviating mundane or difficult tasks that an elderly, disabled or fatigued person may forget to tend to can ensure optimum comfort and boost an individual’s daily recovery and overall relaxation.


Environmental Therapy has the ability to deliver a holistic approach for people in need of assistance with personal wellness improvement. The Automated Environmental Therapy device will develop an individual’s strengths through the medium of a controlled indoor setting.

An automated device will be placed on the ceiling of a room where the homeowner spends the majority of his or her down time. This room should be the central focus of the home, where the individual relaxes, entertains, studies, watches television or movies and/or listens to music.

Once the person enters the room, a motion detector will activate the automated therapeutic device. It immediately scans the person’s face and will begin to load the user controlled default preferences for the room. Elements such as lighting, music and sound, room décor, entertainment (i.e. television programs or a recorded movie), and a preferred scent will fill the room.

Soon after the user’s default preferences are loaded, the automated device will begin to scan the user’s current wellness status, and evaluate whether the user is alone. A multitude of human factors will be assessed. Dilated pupils, increased or decreased heart rate, medicinal needs (i.e. if the person has taken their daily medicine or not, if necessary), hunger level, the time of day, the user’s gender, energy level, temperature inside and outside, current season, age level, and blood alcohol level are just a few of the qualities the device will scan before making adjustment to create an enhanced environment for the homeowner. The device will also determine if the homeowner is entertaining guests and the amount of people in the room. If the individual is a pet owner other elements may be evaluated, such as the animal’s bladder contents, hunger level and other elements similar to the human scan.

The system will analyze the data and calculate the current status and user needs. At this time the environmental elements will adjust to equalize the environmental influences on the user’s overall wellness. If the individual is sad, the ambient lighting might increase and the walls may manifest a warm tint to heighten his sense of happiness. If the individual is bored and hungry, the décor may become brightly colored with vivid patterns and the walls may be transformed into a blue or green color, which is proven to decrease one’s appetite.

Overall, Automated Environmental Therapy is a self-activated system that can enhance and personalize your living space. Whether the individual lives alone or with other people or pets, the device has the ability to improve comfort for a person of all ages, mind and body.